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University Study in Australia

Do you want to know a little more about universities in Australia and what they can offer you as a university student? Maybe, you want to know more about the town or city in which the university resides and what type of lifestyle you could enjoy in this location?

Students, start here to find links to important information you need to know about where and how to study in Australia. Links4UniLife can be your first and best resource to find answers to all your queries and questions. Quick links to every university website in Australia is included in this site, which provides information such as: how to apply; courses; scholarships; key dates; and contacts

Choosing a University

There are thousands of universities in the world to choose from, therefore it is important to think about which ones match your preferences when it comes to courses, teaching style, location, type, and extra-curricular activities. On Links4UniLife, we offer direct links to all universities in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, United Kingdom and United States of America.

To make your selection process slightly easier we have listed some questions below that you might like to consider when choosing a university:

  • Which universities offer the degree or courses you are interested in?
  • Where in the world do you want to study?
  • What type (size, reputation, research, teaching, online) of university do you want to go to?
  • What other facilities or opportunities (societies, sports clubs, networking) are you looking for during your study?

Explore Universities

Virtual Tours

As new digital technologies emerge, some universities are looking at ways to improve their engagement with future students. Most universities at some stage in the year will have an open day, however, one of the latest experiences are virtual tours. These are great, if you are looking to attend a university that is not in your current location and saves you time travelling within your country or overseas to work out what the university is like and information about the local area.

In addition to the information already available on Links4UniLife, we suggest that when attending a university virtual open day, you consider asking the following questions:

  • Are there any scholarships or grants that I can apply for?
  • How many contact hours does my degree have?
  • What facilities are available for my degree?
  • What is included in the accommodation price?
  • Where are the nearest food shops to my accommodation?
  • What student services are offer and is there a Student Union?
  • Do I need a car to travel around the local area?
  • What sports and/or clubs and societies do the university offer?

Scholarships in Australia

There are several types of scholarships, grants, and subsidies in Australia for university students. Often applied directly through universities, they can also be offered by the Australian Government and other public and private organisations. It is important to investigate what scholarships are available in your chosen subject and/or your university, so that when required you can submit an application. In most cases, these applications will be submitted directly with the scholarship provider.

As an international student, the following are considered major scholarships programs in Australia:

Australia Awards

The Australia Awards aims to promote knowledge, education links, and enduring connections between Australia and other countries close to Australia. The program brings together scholarships offered by the Department of Foreign Affairs, the Department of Education, and the Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research.

Australia Awards


Destination Australia

The Destination Australia Program is the Australian Government’s mobility program for domestic and international students wishing to study in regional Australia. Over 1,000 scholarships are available each year to support both domestic and international students study at regional campus locations in qualifications from a Certification IV level and above.

Destination Australia

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