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Life at University in Australia

You have settled into the scene at university. Classes have begun and you have a busy schedule of study combined with social engagements and sporting activities. University life is great and how you dreamed it would be!

Although, you may feel as though your life is well organised and you are familiar with your surroundings, Links4UniLife will continue to provide you with valuable additional information and resources throughout your study period at university.

Links during section 4 are designed to provide useful information such as: services; industry networks; local employment opportunities for students; sporting facilities; entertainment, events and festivals in the area; and other resources to help you with your studies.

University Student Discounts

Whether you’re going out for a pizza with friends or treating yourself to a new pair of jeans, it’s a good idea to check whether you can pay less with student discounts. Find links on Links4UniLife to student discounts and deals in Australia and around the world. 

Student Discounts

Clubs and Societies

At university in Australia there are a lot of clubs and societies to choose to join. With groups for everything from saving the planet, beer brewing, car clubs and academic interests (such as business). Even if you are studying part time and continue to work, you will find that many activities are organised after hours, over the weekend and during semester breaks. These are therefore a great way to get involved and make new friends.

Clubs and Societies


Networking is not just something you do once you graduate. The value of making connections while you are still studying at university could assist with you finding your first employment opportunity. You never know who might give you a helping hand when you are getting started in your industry! If you are not sure where to start, head to your institution’s career support office to get some tips and find out what is happening on campus.




Womens Network

Fresh Networking


Student Life's at University

Do you have a story about your university experience that you would like to share with future, current and past university students. Or maybe you just have some tips that other students could follow in your steps, or some inspirational facts about your life after university to inspire students of what can happen in the future. 

We are looking for students with a story about their university experience who want to share it with the world. If you would like to share your experience and potentially get it published on the Links4UniLife blog (stories) page. Please contact us and we will send you further details about submitting a story. 

Got a Uni Student Story - Contact Us

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