The information required to attend university and set up your university student life is often hard to access. It may also be confusing, out-of-date, and sometimes not provided by the university or university student agent. 

Links4UniLife is dedicated to help students easily find resources and information for university education in Australia and around the world. The site contains information on universities, their locations and courses and has been developed to provide university students with links to essential information required during their university attendance and beyond: 

  1. University Study in Australia
  2. Travel to University in Australia
  3. Setting up at University in Australia
  4. Life at University in Australia
  5. Live and Work in Australia after University
  6. Other Universities around the World.

Links4UniLife has used first-hand experience of domestic and international university students who chose to live in Australia to study. This easy to use site, will save you hours of research and investigation. The site has been designed to provide a student with an extensive database of essential links to current and in-depth information about university in Australia and around the world. 

Links4UniLife will remain current and implement new links, information and opportunities to help any student to enjoy their experience at university.