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Saving valuable time providing links to information about universities, accommodation for students, campus locations, courses, facilities and more… While making it easy for students to find essential information & resources for university life & study!

University Around the World

Not sure whether you want to go to a university, college or an institution, or even study online, this site supplies a portal of links to most of them around the world. Search through the list in alphabetical order or use the interactive maps to identify a location near you or on the other side of the world.

Find Your University

University Study in Australia

Do you want to know a little more about universities in Australia and what they can offer you as a university student? Maybe, you want to know more about the town or city in which the university resides and what type of lifestyle you could enjoy in this location?

Students, start here to find links to important information you need to know about where and how to study in Australia. Links4UniLife can be your first and best resource to find answers to all your queries and questions. Quick links to every university website in Australia is included in this site, which provides information such as: how to apply; courses; scholarships; key dates; and contacts at each location.

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Travel to University in Australia

Once you choose your university, working out the best way to get there from overseas or within Australia is the next step. Links4UniLife links to an extensive list of resources and essential information about getting to each Australian university campus.

The content on this site will make it easy for you to plan your arrival at the university of your choice in readiness for the start of your study. Links to detailed information about travel and transport options, arrival procedure, immigration and customs requirements. This section offers in-depth information about key dates, accommodation options, support networks and services, and much more…

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Setting up at University in Australia

You have arrived! You have explored the university campus. You may still need accommodation. Where do you find out more details about your location to set up your life as a university student, without spending hours searching the web?

Links4UniLife provides an extensive database to quickly access verified links with details of services such as: accommodation; food and retail; health and medical facilities; post office; banks; transport networks; schools and libraries; and other services.

The orientation week (o-week) at your university will introduce you to leisure and social activities and interest groups organised by the students. Links4UniLife also provides a range of links to other activities, social networks, sporting groups, events and local entertainment at your location.

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Life at University in Australia

You have settled into the scene at university. Classes have begun and you have a busy schedule of study combined with social engagements and sporting activities. University life is great and how you dreamed it would be!

Although, you may feel as though your life is well organised and you are familiar with your surroundings, Links4UniLife will continue to provide you with valuable additional information and resources throughout your study period at university.

Links in this section are designed to provide useful information such as: services; industry networks; local employment opportunities for students; sporting facilities; entertainment, events and festivals in the area; and other resources to help you with your studies.

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Live and work in Australia after University

Your just about to complete your university experience! What next?

Links4UniLife continues to provide a handy list of resources and links to help students plan life after university in Australia through: alumni associations; valuable networking groups; and career development opportunities.

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Online Education

Linking you to thousands of courses from universities in Australia. Online education is available from universities in many subjects. Popular subjects include arts, business and management, education, information and communications technology, and health. However, trying to find out which courses actually exist, what they cost, and are there any courses offered for free can often be a difficult and timely experience. Open Universities Australia is a great first stop to explore some of the quality online education options in Australia. 

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